Help us rock! And I'll get a GRC tattoo!

by Kelly Finley

Supporting: Help Us Rock! for Girls Rock Charlotte

My Team: Kelly's Kicka** Band


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Help me to rock the 2018 Scholarship Fundraiser for our kid and teen rockers and film makers!

Five years ago I was inspired by the impact that Girls Rock had on my daughter (and awesome drummer!) Grace. That one inspiration and idea has grown beyond my wildest dreams! We now have two rock camps and new a film camp - all to make a new generation of powerful and passionate youth who use their voice to rock for justice and equality.

We want to make this experience available to as many youth as we can inspire. Please help us by donating to our Scholarship Fundraiser. These are 40+ girls and youth that deserve to rock and reel with us!

My goal is to raise at least $2000! And if I do...I will get a tattoo (donated by Catherine at Haylo Healing Arts!) in honor of Girls Rock Charlotte and proudly post the video for all to see!!

Big love and let's rock this! 


Help us to teach every youth to rock their voice and power in 2018! Our summer camp scholarship fundraiser is for the 35+ deserving kids and teens who will be rocking the stage and our new film camp this year!!

We are proud to offer this inspiring experience to many deserving families and youth throughout the Charlotte region! Help us to rock this fundraiser for them!!

"My daughter has attended GRC for the past 2 summers. She loves everything about it! This camp is so beneficial to her in so many ways. Not only does she get to make new friends and learn how to play an instrument she also learns many beneficial life long lessons. It helps mold her into being a strong smart and confident person. We thank you all for the wonderful experiences before and hopefully many more in the future! Thanks to everyone for all you do!," from a parent of a scholarship camper.