Help Girls Rock the World!

by Krystle Baller

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For Starters

In 2014 I gave birth to a sweet little girl and I was thinking about the future that was ahead for her.  It's no secret that being born a woman comes with many challenges.  Pretty much as soon as I started really thinking about the inequality and what we could potentially do about it, I found Girls Rock Charlotte forming in their first year and volunteered.

I knew it was important but I wasn't even prepared for the impact it would have on my family's life.

It changes people's lives, mine included

I saw scared and self-conscious girls and gender diverse youth transform into passionate, caring, and bold youth.  Their self-esteem skyrocketed and all the volunteers that witnessed this transformation were transformed as well.  Seeing these kids be so brave and full of ideas and compassion made me excited for the future and eager to keep throwing fuel on the fire that is Girls Rock. 

This inspired me to start my own biz and because of GRC my daughter, Cadence, will never see a woman musician as an abnormal occurrence.  She already grabs her ukulele and jams out with the Girls Rock house band at the age of 4!!! I have front row seats to the evolution of a positive shift in our culture and you can too.  

The community has responded and we are growing quickly.

We are growing and expanding.  GRC offers a kids music camp, free year round programming with our Amplify workshops and this year we have also added a film camp and Women Rock Camp to our programming.  In order for us to maintain an equal playing field for all of our participants, we pride ourselves on our goals of providing scholarships for 50% of our girls rock campers.  

Help me raise money to support an organization that is powerfully impacting our community.  Please donate and share!  Much love to you!

Help us to teach every youth to rock their voice and power in 2018! Our summer camp scholarship fundraiser is for the 35+ deserving kids and teens who will be rocking the stage and our new film camp this year!!

We are proud to offer this inspiring experience to many deserving families and youth throughout the Charlotte region! Help us to rock this fundraiser for them!!

"My daughter has attended GRC for the past 2 summers. She loves everything about it! This camp is so beneficial to her in so many ways. Not only does she get to make new friends and learn how to play an instrument she also learns many beneficial life long lessons. It helps mold her into being a strong smart and confident person. We thank you all for the wonderful experiences before and hopefully many more in the future! Thanks to everyone for all you do!," from a parent of a scholarship camper.